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Vuru A33 8GB Quad Core Touchscreen Android For Kids Review

Once in awhile we would get an offer we couldn’t resist. In this case, it’s a tablet that fetches for a very low price, so low that our suspicions get triggered. But all of the features are there; It’s kid friendly, nice compact size of 7 inches for the screen, dual cameras, even pre-installed with the basic apps. Not to mention that it comes in several colors.

However, this is where we possibly should inspect the quality a little bit more closely. The mentality is that, if something is expensive, then you know they spent on quality, b but when a product is cheaper, then there must be something wrong about it.

Not always the case, however. We have found products that would be truly affordable and yet satisfy our standards. Those are products we look out for; the good buys. Only after scrutinizing the features and offerings of the product should you decide if it really does fit the bill for a good buy.

The Vuru Tablet would suit a child’s needs possibly because of its 8GB internal storage capacity. The tablet is also good for adults alike, as the only difference would be that on a child’s tablet you would download and set up parental controls. Vuru has pre installed apps, but they are in the form of Skype, Netflix, Google Play and Chrome, which, in the exception of Netflix and Skype, are pretty much standard in most android versions. This one runs on Kitkat.

Vuru also claims quality materials in the making of these tablets, making it ideal for children and adults alike. The 8 GB internal memory may not satisfy a lot of grownups that use lots of social media or memory hungry applications, however, and the 512MB RAM may not be fast enough for a lot of applications.

The size of the tablet is convenient. 7 inch tablets are small enough to fit a woman’s handbag, and even people’s pockets. Yet they are big enough for you to view the screen with ease. This unit will also work in the absence of wifi, as it is compatible to 3G. The way the tablet is being sold is as a kid’s tablet, where children don’t have much demand for performance and speed, however. But it would be the perfect size for small hands to handle.

Again, the fact that you have both wifi and 3G options for internet connectivity is convenient, as whenever wifi is absent, you can rely on your data plan to connect to the internet outdoors. The device is indeed designed for communication, having pre-installed Skype, and equipped with dual cameras. No doubt that that was the purpose of such arrangement.

If you’re concerned about the 8GB storage capacity, the memory is expandable. Should a child indeed use this, there can be enough space for a lot of videos and photos. It is presumed you can expand the memory up to 32GB.

The feedback it gets from people are very mixed. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, when a product is as low priced as this one, you’re not paying for a high-end or feature-rich model. The low RM and storage space for this device is not satisfying for adults, so it’s safer to say, this will be better for kids to use. Install a parental control app on it like Zoodles, and you’re good. It’s a useful kids tablet, no doubt.

best 7 inch tablet under $200

Let’s face it. Not everyone can afford to buy an expensive gadget like a tablet. But don’t let your budget issue be the reason why you cannot own one. These days, there are tablets that you can purchase under the $200 price tag and believe me—they’re good buys.

These entry-level are good for browsing on the Internet, playing games, or reading eBooks. If you think you will get some benefits from these tablets, so does your kid!

Here is a compilation of the best tablets sold under $200…

Best Tablets Under $200 – Our 2016 Top Picks

10. Amazon Fire HD 8, 8″ HD Display, Wi-Fi, 8 GB – Includes Special Offers, Black

This Amazon offering is the thinnest tablet you can find sold at $149.99 and yet it is twice as durable compared to the latest iPad Mini. With a superb 8-inch display, it has more than a million pixels. Its quad-core processor is capable of 1.5 GB. It features include a 5MP rear-facing and a front facing HD cameras.

You can enjoy watching movies, TV shows, read books, download songs and apps and also—games. Internal storage is a walloping 8 GB or 16GB with free unlimited cloud storage for Amazon content or images taken using the device. You can pump up an extra storage capacity of 128 GB once you add a microSD.

9. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (7-Inch, White)

Ideal for reading, browsing the web, watching movies, or playing games, this Samsung Galaxy Tab android fitted with a 1.2 GB quad-core processor and equipped with a 7” 1280 x 800 resolution screen to enable rich graphics, crisp text, and bright colors. Its IR blaster allows users to use the tablet as a universal remote.
This portable lightweight product can function in a multi-user mode and has rear and front cameras. It has an 8GB flash memory and a 1.5 GB RAM memory capacity. If you are a multi-tasker, you can make use of its 2 apps that utilizes a multi-window. This product is sold at $139.83.

8. Lenovo IdeaTab A8-50 8-Inch 16 GB Tablet

If you are looking for a combination of performance and style, the quad-core processor fitted Lenovo IdeaTab A8 is the answer. The unit comes with built-in entertainment features and an elegant midnight blue cover to satisfy the taste of classy users. Its 8”inch wide-view display tablet emanates bright HD images and equipped with front-facing speakers powered by Dolby Audio.

This 4.2 Jelly Bean Android item has a 16 GB flash memory and a 1 GB RAM memory. Lightweight at .79 lbs., its battery can last for 8 hours. Price for this gadget is at $149.99.

7. LG Electronics G Pad LGV480 8-Inch Tablet (Black

LG Electronics G Pad has an impressive 8” IPS display, Efficient and powerful Qualcomm SnapDragon 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and weighs only .9 lbs. This 5.0 Lollipop android model has a capacity of 1 GB RAM memory capacity and can be paired easily with a Q 2.0.

It uses a Knock Code that provides a secure and one-step access to a home entertainment system using more than 86,000 possible code combinations. You can multi-task with its dual window, allowing for split screen. You may open 2 apps on the screen and start dragging or dropping one window to the other. Unit sells at $149.99.

6. nabi DreamTab HD8 Tablet (Wi-Fi Enabled)

The nabi DreamTab is a 4.4 KitKat android with a display screen measuring 8”. Flash memory is at 16 GB while RAM memory has a capacity of 2 GB. It is powered by NVIDIA tegra 4.0 at 1.6 Ghz. This is equipped with the Wings Adaptive Learning System made for skill set mastery in subjects like reading, math and writing and sidelines as a confidence booster.

Using its Dream Pen, you can teach kids to animate, draw or write their own book while another kid-focused feature allows for professional movie editing. You can also control or limit the kids’ tablet use; a characteristic that endears the unit to parent buyers. This children and parent friendly unit sells at $114.00.

5. Nexus 7 from Google (7-Inch, 16 GB, Black) by ASUS (2013) Tablet

The Google Nexus 7 has a 7”, LED-backlit IPS LCD touchscreen and a memory storage capacity of 2 GB. It runs on a powerful 3950 mAh battery that can last up to 10 hours. Its front camera is 1.2 MP and the autofocus rear camera has 5 MP with a large aperture.

This android Jelly Bean 4.0 tab runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro 8064 Quad-Core at 1.5 GHz. It has Bluetooth 4.0 and comes with an adapter and a power plug. Warranty for the unit is 1 year (for North America only) and the price is $162.00.

4. SHIELD K-1 8.0-Inch 16 GB Tablet (Black)

There are many way to get satisfaction from the 8” display Shield K-1 tablet. You can play Android games and avail of the GeForce Now cloud gaming service. Powered by NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor, it features a 2.2 GHz quad-core CPU and a 192-core NVIDIA Kepler GPU.

This product has high definition 1080p and dual-front facing speakers were designed to provide incredible video and audio. The tablet’s MicroSD slot offers expandable storage of up to 128 GB. This may seem like an ordinary gadget but the experience it provides is extraordinary. Unit sells at $199.00.

3. ASUS ZenPad S 8 Z580C-B1-BK 8″ 32 GB Tablet

The ASUS ZenPad Sis definitely heavy on performance but light on your wallet. It has an 8” display built with ASUS TruVid Technology for better viewing experience. It runs on Intel Atom Z3530 super quad-core processor. It is equipped with 64-bit, 1.3 GHZ and 2GB RAM and a 32 GB onboard storage.

This Android 5.0 Lollipop tablet has a dual camera (5 megapixels and 2 megapixels), has a microSD card slot and supports up to 128 GB SDHC. Design for this tab is attractive and creates harmony between functionality and style. It employs a low-light mode with pixel-merging innovation capable of capturing 400% brighter images without the use of a flash. It has a price tag of $179.00.

2. Chromo Inc CI2542 7-Inch 4GB Touchscreen Android Tablet – Updated with TUV quality certification (Blue)

The beautiful 7” Android tablet computer created by Chromo Inc. is equipped with a capacitive touchscreen perfect for games, entertainment, education that kids would love. It comes preloaded with several apps that include Netflix, Google Play, Skype, and Chrome Browser.

This tablet has a 4 GB internal memory that is expandable up to 32 GB via its MicroSD Card. It runs on Android 4.4 OS and equipped with a front facing and rear camera in 1024 x 600 resolution, WiFi, and a speech and sound recording capability. This sells at $43.99 and comes with a wide option for colors.

1. Funlet Pink

This 7” tablet is great for kids. This is the first of its kind with IPS screen and 1GB RAM capacity, an 8 GB disk, operated by Android 5.1, Quad Core, and has dual 2 megapixel cameras. Sold at $59.95, you can obtain $40 worth of accessories within a package of this premium 7” quad-core tablet.

Its top quality MediaTek Quad core processor enables multitasking abilities and its memory capacity allows for downloading thousands of free games from the pre-installed Google play store. The tablet’s IPS HD resolution creates crystal-clear pictures and connecting it to the TV set is easy using its HDMI port. With front and back cameras, this unit comes with a 30-day money back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

Which tablet to buy?

We hope you have found one from this list. Whatever it is you may have chosen, be sure that you look into the warranty or any kind of guarantee every manufacturer has. This is where the gadgets differ from one another.

best cheap tablet

Did you know that you could also look for some of the high quality tablets for only under 100 bucks? Yes, it can be that inexpensive. The 7 inch segment in tablets delivers a wide array of choices from Windows to Android devices. So, here they are…

1) iRulu 10 inch Tablet 2014

For only $79, the iRulu may be a lesser heard about brand in terms of appliances, however, its tablet are high quality and have in fact caused such quite a stir in the world of technology. The all new 10 incher by this model in fact got some powerful punch and is on hand at the market at a tremendously reasonable price.

This tab includes its efficient quad core processor and 1 GB DDR3 RAM that enables its performance to run very smooth. The 8 GB memory is also rather adequate when it comes for the storage of massive amounts of data and it could also be extended with up to 32 GB via micro SD card.

2) The Dell Venue 7

There’s barely any kind of personal computer or tablet in which the brand Dell isn’t topping the charts. This incredible tablet by this brand operates on its best Android version (Kit Kat) and maximizes with a 1.6 GHz dual core processor alongside with a 1 GB RAM to bring users an unparalleled performance.

The 16 GB internal memory of the Dell Venue 7 tablet could still be expandable by way of utilizing a micro SD card, and its 5 MP rear camera captures the bright pictures. Also apart from that, this model also includes its 1 MP front camera good for video calling as well as selfies.

Because of all those excellent features and trust of the Dell brand, this tablet also comes out on top of the list of the best tablets that falls below the 100 dollars from the high quality brands.

3) The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite

The trusted name and reliability of the Samsung brand as well as its fantastic specifications is given by this 7 inch tablet that is remarkable in each and every context. Operating smoothly on Android Jelly Bean, it packs full integration with the Google Play Store and all the main apps are merely one click away.

If you notice that the internal 8 GB memory is already not enough for you, then you could still expand it to a 32 GB with the aid of a micro SD card.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Lite contains its Wi-Fi connectivity and a battery backup of about eight hours, so that you could go hands free sans any worries. In addition, this tab boasts of a 2 MP camera so that you can continually click brilliant photos.

4) The Asus Memo Pad 7

Priced at only $79, this Asus Memo Pad 7 model has got some pretty sweet specs in store for you. This tablet operates on its Android Jelly Bean that is actually good enough Operating System for a model within this price bracket and delivers whole integration with all of its Google apps like the Google play, hangouts and so much more. The OS of the Asus Memo Pad 7 could also be upgraded into the Android v4.4 KitKat soon after you have connected it into Wi-Fi.

This 7 incher of a good tablet contains a resolution of 1024 by 600 pixels that delivers crystal clear lucidity and incredible readability even in sunlight.

As well, the Asus Memo Pad 7 tab also includes a 2 MP camera for snapping imageries and 0.3 MP front camera great for video chatting and then clicking your favorite selfies.

5) The Fire HD 7

With a price tag of only $99, The Fire HD 7 tablet already comes fully equipped with its 2 MP rear and a VGA front camera. Some connectivity features also include a USB port as well as Wi-Fi. Within the price range of just below 100 bucks, this by far is one of the best tablets which is on hand on the market these days.

With this tablet, you could enjoy lots of films, television shows, some songs, more books, social media apps, Android apps, games, document manager and so much more to entertain you.

Which Is Best?

So, if you are on the lookout for a new tablet and just within the budget of below 100 dollars, now you know what you could invest in and what you can also avoid. Happy hunting and good luck and enjoy your brand new purchase.

what is the best tablet under $300

Over the last few years tablets have become accessible to the regular person. These days the average person can find a tablet that meets their needs for $300 or less, with more affordable models coming out every year.  But with so many affordable tablets, how do you figure out which one is right for you?

Best Tablets Under $300

1. Apple iPad Mini 2 With Retina Display 

Apple iPad Mini 2 With Retina Display


Apple has finally brought their technology to an affordable tablet. Sold for $274.99, this tablet has the highest processing power of any tablet on this list. It’s got all the things you love about Apple and an impressive battery that will get you through 10 hours of solid use.

There are still a couple drawbacks to the iPad Mini. While the Windows tablets on this list come with a host of free apps so you can start using them effectively right away, you have to purchase and download apps on the iPad Mini. It’s also more complicated to transfer data to and from your computer with an iPad Mini 2 than with other tablets in the same price range.

2. Asus Vivo Tab Note 8 

Asus Vivo Tab Note 8


The Vivo Tab Note 8 is a Windows based tablet produced by Asus, currently one of the most popular companies for tablets. While most tablets under $300 are primarily entertainment tablets, this is meant to be an office tablet and provides almost complete Windows 8.1 functionality. It comes with a stylus to make use easier.

Asus has also become popular for their convertible tablets which come with detachable keyboards so you can transform them into a laptop. If you want the detachable keyboard you can purchase the newer version of the Vivo Tab Note 8, the Asus T100.

3. Acer Iconia Tab 10

Acer Iconia Tab 10


Acer is a well-known laptop brand and also produces some pretty great tablets. The Acer Iconia Tab 10 is one of the most popular tablets sold for under $300 and for good reason. It runs on the Android OS and is designed for office use but the screen is also great for entertainment purposes.

Despite the functionality this is one of the cheaper tablets on the list, typically sold for somewhere between $200-215.

4. Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro


You probably know Samsung as a phone company, but they’ve expanded their reach to make excellent tablets as well. The Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro runs on Android and comes with built in Polaris office apps which make it easy to take notes and even make presentations on the go.

With a top quality 10.1 inch screen, this tablet is also pretty great for entertainment purposes, but it does come with a pretty low battery life of six hours.

5. Nexus 7 From Google 

Nexus 7 From Google


Built through a partnership between Asus and Google, this is considered by many to be the ultimate Android tablet. Nexus tablets are always the first to receive the new Android OS and this model also contains the best hardware from Asus.

This tablet doesn’t come with quite as much office functionality but can use an almost endless amounts of apps and games. Because of its small seven inch screen and light weight it’s considered by many to be the best tablet you can buy your kids. And at $196, it’s definitely worth considering.

6. Lenovo IdeaTab Miix 2 

Lenovo IdeaTab Miix 2


This Lenovo tablet is perfect for gaming on the go with a sharp display and powerful speakers. It runs Windows 8.1, giving you access to many different games and office apps. It’s also incredibly attractive for a tablet in this price range, sure to garner many compliments.

While it might not have as much processing power as some of the other tablets on this list, the Lenovo IdeaTab Miix 2 comes with an impressive 10 hour battery life, making it great for traveling long distances. It also comes in at a quite affordable $240.00.

7. Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 

Samsung Galaxy Tab 4


This is one of the lightest weight tablets Samsung has ever made, an earlier model in the Tab series that’s definitely worth considering. It comes with a slot for a Micro SD card which allows you to increase the memory up to 64 GB and a special glare resistant display.

The only drawback of this tablet is that it comes with a rather short battery life of five hours and therefore isn’t great for long journeys.

Think carefully about what you need in a tablet and try to read lots of reviews before you make any big purchases. You’ll be glad you did!