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Kurio Xtreme Kids Tablet Review

The Kurio Xtreme tablet takes pride of its genius Internet filtering system which filters, sorts out and updates more than 450 million websites everyday to keep kids safe from harmful content and viruses whenever they go online.

With kid-friendly and parent-friendly features in place, you will surely enjoy this device that many users have learned to love!

Safe Piggy Bank System

With its Safe Piggy Bank System, the Kurio Xtreme, parents can select the apps they think are appropriate for their young ones to access while he maximizes play and learning time. All parent-approved apps automatically appear upon start up. With a few clicks, you can create up 8 completely independent user profiles with varying time limits set on each and enjoy a 6-month free offer Kid-Safe Email.

Body Motion Gaming

The device is the first to feature the Body Motion Gaming that will excite kids no end. Loaded with Google Play™, downloading an enormous number of games is possible. The device is packed with more than $300 worth of popular apps, games and provides users to access more 150+ eBooks.


  • Supports some 170 languages
  • Display: 7 inch capacitive touch screen, 5-point touch
  • Operating System: Android™ 4.4
  • Chipset: Intel® Atom® Z2520–1.2 GHz Dual core
  • Ram: 1GB
  • Storage Memory: 16GB
  • Micro SDHC Card Slot: Add up to 32GB of extra memory
  • Resolution: 1024 X 600 pixels
  • Camera: Front: 0.3Mpx / Rear: 2.1Mpx
  • Speakers: 2 x 1 W
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, 802.11 b/g/n – Bluetooth 4.0
  • USB Connection: Micro USB 2.0 – OTG support
  • Battery: Lithium Polymer battery 3000mAh
  • Comes with a Kurio stand, protective bumper, home charger, and a USB cable

Customer reviews and score 

The Kurio has shown some strength in its specifications that benefits from Google’s neat and simple menu layout designs. Websites or apps can be clicked without hesitation because of preset limitations. Powered by Intel®  the device allows quicker video and photo, music streaming, fast downloading, gaming and web surfing.

Although the bundled case isn’t without its blind spots, the Kurio Xtreme 2’s bigger strengths come from its consistency. With its excellent build quality and steady battery life, the Xtreme 2 provides the reliability needed to be a top kids tablet. Source.

Overall the tablet has a nice feel about it. The buttons have a satisfying click to them and the screen feels solid without too much flexing. There is a slight, hollow feeling to the back of the device, but this is mainly because the removable back panel.

Even though this device is custom-made for children, it does not take away the fact that it performs excellently. But it seems that it is not kid-proof which parents are looking forward to see. This device got 3 out of 5 stars. Source.


A device like this is every parent’s wish come true mainly due to the limitations which they can set for their kids. Donning an expensive price tag may worry other moms but as its features speak louder and larger than the device itself, I think it is a good catch. But to those who want to look at other types of tablets, check out some brand models that will suit your taste, your kid’s taste, and your budget. That’s when you start comparing.

Image Source: www.toysrus.com

Vuru A33 8GB Quad Core Touchscreen Android For Kids Review

Once in awhile we would get an offer we couldn’t resist. In this case, it’s a tablet that fetches for a very low price, so low that our suspicions get triggered. But all of the features are there; It’s kid friendly, nice compact size of 7 inches for the screen, dual cameras, even pre-installed with the basic apps. Not to mention that it comes in several colors.

However, this is where we possibly should inspect the quality a little bit more closely. The mentality is that, if something is expensive, then you know they spent on quality, b but when a product is cheaper, then there must be something wrong about it.

Not always the case, however. We have found products that would be truly affordable and yet satisfy our standards. Those are products we look out for; the good buys. Only after scrutinizing the features and offerings of the product should you decide if it really does fit the bill for a good buy.

The Vuru Tablet would suit a child’s needs possibly because of its 8GB internal storage capacity. The tablet is also good for adults alike, as the only difference would be that on a child’s tablet you would download and set up parental controls. Vuru has pre installed apps, but they are in the form of Skype, Netflix, Google Play and Chrome, which, in the exception of Netflix and Skype, are pretty much standard in most android versions. This one runs on Kitkat.

Vuru also claims quality materials in the making of these tablets, making it ideal for children and adults alike. The 8 GB internal memory may not satisfy a lot of grownups that use lots of social media or memory hungry applications, however, and the 512MB RAM may not be fast enough for a lot of applications.

The size of the tablet is convenient. 7 inch tablets are small enough to fit a woman’s handbag, and even people’s pockets. Yet they are big enough for you to view the screen with ease. This unit will also work in the absence of wifi, as it is compatible to 3G. The way the tablet is being sold is as a kid’s tablet, where children don’t have much demand for performance and speed, however. But it would be the perfect size for small hands to handle.

Again, the fact that you have both wifi and 3G options for internet connectivity is convenient, as whenever wifi is absent, you can rely on your data plan to connect to the internet outdoors. The device is indeed designed for communication, having pre-installed Skype, and equipped with dual cameras. No doubt that that was the purpose of such arrangement.

If you’re concerned about the 8GB storage capacity, the memory is expandable. Should a child indeed use this, there can be enough space for a lot of videos and photos. It is presumed you can expand the memory up to 32GB.

The feedback it gets from people are very mixed. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, when a product is as low priced as this one, you’re not paying for a high-end or feature-rich model. The low RM and storage space for this device is not satisfying for adults, so it’s safer to say, this will be better for kids to use. Install a parental control app on it like Zoodles, and you’re good. It’s a useful kids tablet, no doubt.

Alldaymall A88X 7'' Tablet Review

Everyone wants to own a tablet and the price is the only thing that matters to many buyers. But if you come across the Alldaymall A88X tablet, you may be surprised what you get out of this small package. The Alldaymall A88X makes you want to say goodbye to freezing up, an issue most common in cheap tablets. It runs just like a PC and does not hold up even when playing data-intensive games, making it an enjoyable companion for both children and adults.

This tablet operates on a 1.3 Ghz Quad core and has a CPU that can run 4x faster. With a device that loads games and apps so quick, how can you afford to miss on this one? You are surely a winner with this low-priced amazing tablet.

Instant Loading and Access

You now have the capacity to access your favorite apps and load your games instantly with the AllDayMall A88X tablet. No more waiting time that can take away the excitement. It has Google pre-loaded games you will surely enjoy!

High Resolution

This 5-point capacitive 7-inch touchscreen device is crisp and clear as ever. Whether you are playing a game, watching movies, or reading a bestseller, total satisfaction is delivered on a silver platter.


  • Powered by Android 4.4 KitKat operating system
  • Dual camera
  • Bluetooth
  • Screen Resolution: HD 1024×600 pixels
  • Wi-fi enabled
  • 8 GB internal memory that can go up to 32 GB using a micro SD card
  • Skype video calling, Facebook, Netflix, YouTube and many more
  • Super-portable size that provides you with robust power which you can bring with you everywhere
  • G-Sensor included
  • Audio: Built-in MIC & Speaker
  • Battery: 2500mAh rechargeable battery/up to 3 hours
  • AC 100-240v, DC 5v 2A
  • 3D Game Supported
  • USB Port: 1 x Micro USB port
  • Audio Port: 1 x 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • Extend Card Slot: 1 x TF Card slot
  • DC Input: 1 x DC 5V 2.5mm Jack
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty and support

Customer reviews and score

Some users say its battery life is on the lower end, it has no HDMI port for TV or monitor connection, and has lower quality graphics. However, it is very light, loads fast and they like its expandable storage.

The Google Android 4.4 KitKat delivers many more new features. Using the emoji icons, your conversations will be more interesting. Voice search, open or save files on Google Drive etc provide good convenience. This makes it one of the diverse devices in the market with a low price tag. Who says that you can never own one? Source.

The tablet’s screen is decent for this size device, but it’s not the brightest nor the sharpest screen that I have come across. It features two cameras. They are good enough for taking spontaneous casual shots, or for Skypeing. Source.


The Alldaymall 7-inch tablet is a decent find for a low price. Reviews are mostly on the positive side that overshadows the negatives. Unlike other models that may give you a heart attack waiting for it to load, this device is just what everybody else needs. Good value for money is all what it seems to be.

leapfrog kids tab review

The LeapPad is one of the most popular tablets designed for kids from the company LeapFrog. Parents nowadays are having a hard time prying their children from the family tablet computer and the only time that they would have the chance to use it, is when the child is fast asleep. And here enters the LeapPad Ultra XDi. It is a high resolution 7-inch tablet that differs greatly from the regular iPad or Android tablet since it is built intentionally for kids aged 3 – 9. Its has a 1024×600 resolution robust touchscreen compare to the more fragile mainstream tablets.

The software it contains is well suited to support the learning of children. Far from the common assumption that the LeapPad only intends to entertain the child with games, it is actually well equipped with educational reading, writing and math puzzles. It has a kid-safe Web and access to a wide range of educator-approved apps. It is a child proof and child safe closed devices which can handle the abuse from little troublemakers while giving them hours of fun and learning at the same time.


It has an ultra-tough design and has 11 apps included in the tablet
A kid can experience taking capture images and videos with its front-and-back cameras
Pet chat allows children to chat with pre-defined phrases and emoticons


Other cartridges and apps are sold separately and are more expensive than regular apps from androids and ipads.
It is noticeably slower compared to mainstream adult tablets


  • Screen: The item has a 7 inch light touch screen
  • Display: It has 1024×600 resolution
  • Battery: It is powered by a Built-in lithium ion
  • Battery life: The tablet can run up to 6 hours of continuous use
  • Kid-safe web experience: The preinstalled kids software is LeapSearch powered by Zui
  • Speed: The tablet has an 800Mhz processor
  • Memory size: The item has a built in 8GB storage
  • Weight: The item weighs at around 2.5 pounds
  • Packaged Apps: There are 11 apps pre-installed in the tablet
  • Dimension: The tablet measures at 9.05 x 6.1 x .92
  • Video recorder: The item is capable of 480p video recording

Included in the box:

  • LeapPad Ultra XDi Learning Tablet
  • 11 bonus apps including Pet Pad Party, MP3 player with 10 learning songs and more.
  • USB Cable
  • AC adapter
  • Parent guide
  • Quick start guide

The LeapPad Ultra XDi Price

The LeapPad Ultra XDi can be bought at a price of $76.17 which includes shipping.

What customers have to say about the camcorder:
“I wanted to get my 5-year old daughter a tablet of her own. She likes watching movies and playing games on my iPhone, but that just seems like mindless entertainment for the most part. The app store has lots of content (perhaps too much!), and I did not have a way of determining which had real educational’ value and which were just fluff. So, off looking for a kids’ tablet I went.”

“I am VERY happy with this leappad. My daughter had the leappad 2 which after while did not hold a charge. She loves the leappad Ultra. My son who barely touched his leappad 2 is now requesting a leappad ultra because he says its wayyyy better. My son is 7 and my daughter is 6 leappad is very age appropriate and do not think youre kids are too old for them because theyre not. I think parents tend to want to push for their kids to know too much in such a short amount of time. They have the rest of their lives to learn, what is the rush? Any way review over and now I am ranting. Lol. I love the product and will be buying my son one soon!”

“Perfect for kids who want to use a computer or tablet on their own. They can’t accidentally get into anything that isn’t designed for them. I got these for my children when they were 2 and have continued to upgrade (because we like to not because you have to) over the years. Most of the games are backwards compatible and easy for even a 2 year old to use. There are also apps that sing educational songs, play tv episodes from leapfrog and some nick jr. and read along books that require no interaction for younger kids. Most of the games we have are adaptive and automatically adjust to their playing level.”

Contixio Kids Tablet Review

The Contixo 7-Inch HD is a kid friendly tablet that can also step up and become an adult tablet as well. Running with Google Android’s 4.4 Kitkat, it has access to a broad range of apps and games through the preinstalled Google Play store. Besides this, it already ready to use since it comes with educational games right out of the box.

The Contixo 7-Inch tablet runs on a 4×1.5GHz Quad-core ARMv7 Processor which makes it capable of running any mainstream apps or games. The display resolution is 1024×600 on its Multi-touch Screen which gives crisp images and smooth playback of videos. It has an 8GB onboard memory which is enough for installing and downloading apps onto the tablet. There is an option to expand its storage to 32GB with the use of a microSD card.

Lighter than other models in the market, it weighs only .63 pounds while sporting its kid safe and friendly form. It has a kid proof case that protects it from bumps and drops which is an expected occurrence with little tykes. It has a decent battery life of 4 hours of continuous play before it takes another charging cycle. The front and rear camera can be used to take photos and videos. The user can open Skype and keep in touch with friends and family while using the front and rear camera for video chat.


  • Using the tablet in Parent Android mode allows complete access to sites and works like a regular tablet without the restriction. The Kid Proof case is safe and made of high quality soft silicon material which is environment friendly and harmless to health.
  • Bluetooth allows pairing to speakers; boosting the sound and giving a better experience for children while singing and dancing along kids songs.


  • Battery life is shorter compared to other tablets in the market.
  • Its screen seems to be a bit sensitive which makes typing via the screen keyboard a bit difficult.


  • Screen: The tablet has a 7 inch HD Multi-touch Screen
  • Display: It has a 1024×600 resolution
  • Battery: The tablet is powered by a Built-in lithium ion
  • Battery life: The tablet lasts up to 4 hours of continuous use
  • Kid-safe web experience: It has KIDS Place Parental Control and No.1 Kids OS installed
  • Speed: It has 4 cores running at 1.5 GHz
  • Memory size: The onboard memory is 8GB and expandable to 32GB with a micro SD card
  • Weight: The item weighs at 2.5 pounds
  • Cameras: It has a 2.0MP Rear Camera and a 0.3MP Front Camera
  • Wi-Fi: It makes use of 802.11b/g/n wireless standard for connectivity

Included in the box:

  • Contixo Kids Tablet
  • Bear Stand
  • US Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

The Contixo 7-Inch HD Tablet Price

  • The Contixo 7-Inch HD can be bought at a price of $69.99 which usually includes shipping.

What customers have to say about the camcorder:

Online reviews generally have this item rated at 4+ stars out of 5.

“I have got to say I am really impressed with this tablet. It is so neat! The quality is way more than expected. The silicone case fits great and protects the tablet very well. The stand is cute and is great for watching movies. The tablet has great video/camera quality. It takes nice clear photos. The games are perfect for children. There is the usual fun ones, and lots of learning ones.

My video goes into more detail. The setup is simple, and quick. I had charged the hours like directed, and the battery life lasts a long time. I have yet to have to recharge it. My kids are going to love it. I personally have 2 other tablets that are not for kids, and they are not near as good as this one.”

“I bought this for my four year old and it works great. I love the battery life on this thing as it doesn’t eat up battery life while in use and it stays on wifi when in use. The bumper cover is a plus and the camera works great. It comes with a wall and usb charger. It has a quick boot setup that only takes a couple of seconds to boot. The controls are user friendly and comes with a variety of widgets. This tablet also comes with security features that any parent will love. Give it a try and you will not be disappointed.”

“I order this for my 3 year old son who has played on my tablet and phone and love it. This is a nice deal espically for Christmas. This package comes with a colored silcone case, a mesh bag to carry, wall charger, USB cable, and a cute bear stand to set up for your little one. So far everything has been easy to setup. This table is based on an android tablet but with a simple feature called kids place to lock out the stuff you don’t want your little one getting into. If you can get an app on Google play then you can have it on here.”

LeapFrog Epic Android-based Kids Tablet Review

Now, there is a unique and eye catching tablet for your beloved child. LeapFrog launches its LeapFrog Epic, the most state of the art Android-based children’s tablet, which is awesomely designed to develop with your kids made specially for perennial learning and artistic and fun play. Access its extremely exclusive LeapFrog learning games, love its hand-picked and carefully chosen well known Android apps, plus, not to forget that it is the very first interactive home screen which allows the children to make their very own custom tablet–whilst building their imagination and skills in the process.

The LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet is in fact a one-of-a-kind tablet made amazingly for your one-of-a-kind child, and LeapFrog Epic features the Just for Me Learning technology–this customizes nothing but the most selected LeapFrog games in order to keep your child always challenged and excited in the learning process. You can be rest assured that this is very kid-safe and have some out of the box ideas, and our full-featured Android–based tablet also consists of parental controls which make it easy and effortless to stretch the child-appropriate web, download some new apps and then manage the play time as your child also grows and develops his skills.

This device is highly recommended for kids ages 3 to 9 years old. The games and the apps are being sold separately. Take note that this device is not compatible with its LeapFrog cartridges.

Product Features:

The LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet has the following features:

  • Its most state of the art and sophisticated 7″ tablet with its impressive quad-core processor, highly advanced Operating system based on Android 4.4, powerful 16GB memory, crystal clear 2MP cameras and so much more!
  • This is by far the classic tablet experience that ultimately evolves with you and me, it ignites continuous education as well as artistic play. This unit is specially designed for kids between 3 to 9 years old
  • This gadget contains more than 20 apps from the brand of LeapFrog’s best games and its eBooks, not to mention the nifty world-class Leap Search kid safe browser, and more particularly, its utilities that are safe for children and so much more.
  • The LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet actually plays in the initial interactive home screen thoroughly manufactured and created only for children. Watch the night fall, and you could also add some new and different characters and you could also discover and great fun surprise every day just around the corner!
  • Happily find and discover some handpicked and selected collection of the best child friendly apps, which features LeapFrog learning games and the very popular kid apps, such as the Fruit Ninja Academy: The Math Master and also the Doodle Jump (they are in fact, sold separately)


The LeapFrog Epic 7″ Android-based Kids Tablet is priced at around $125 and that typically comes with free shipping!

What Customers Say:

“I’m impressed. This is the first Leapfrog tablet I’ve purchased. I’m not tech savvy and it was a breeze to set up and hand over to the children. It came in uncomplicated packaging and directions. The tablet comes with green rubber cover and attached stylus pen. I was pleased with the parental control settings. The hardest thing to do was to decide what extra learning games to buy. They are expensive but it helped that we purchased a $20 digital download card for half price. We have 7 children with the oldest being 11 yes. He even enjoys some of the activities and is able to brush up on his multiplication/ division skills with the math games. We are pondering over getting a second one so the others can have their own profile (Three on each tablet) Having two would also enable them to “text” each other or play certain games together if they are in the same room. It’s nice to know that you don’t have to purchase duplicate apps for an extra leap pad. The children are quite pleased with the photo/video taking abilities and voice recorder as well. I appreciate that they are able to explore safely.” – by Buggy

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet

From the award winning children’s toy maker LeapFrog, comes the LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power learning tablet. Known for their innovative design and attention to detail, LeapFrog makes some of the best educational toys on the market. This children’s tablet will not only provide your child with hours of entertainment, but it will also improve their learning abilities and provide a good introduction into the world of electronic gadgets. From stories to games, pictures, videos and music, kids will find a vast world of resources for them to learn from and enjoy.

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Review

What is the LeapPad 2 Power

The LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power learning tablet is a tablet that is designed especially for kids ages 3-9. The original LeapPad provided a great learning experience for kids and this edition is an upgraded model with newer features and a few refinements to make it more versatile. The kid-friendly tablet design makes it easy for young children to operate and the games and apps can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. It is also built to withstand the wear and tear that may come from it being used by children. While you may not find some of the features that are common amongst tablets that are made for adults, this tablet has features and functions that are specifically engineered for kids to learn and explore.

Features of the LeapPad 2 Power

While the original LeapPad came loaded with kid friendly features, this upgraded version worked out a few of the design flaws from the original and expanded upon the capabilities of the unit. With all of these features and functions, kids will have a great time with their own kid-friendly tablet.

  • Ÿ  Front and back cameras and video recorders
  • Ÿ  Takes 2MP photos and records video in 240p
  • Ÿ  Rechargeable battery and AC adapter included
  • Ÿ  Up to 9 hours of play on one charge
  • Ÿ  4GB of built-in memory
  • Ÿ  5-inch backlit screen
  • Ÿ  9 apps already installed, including photo lab, art studio, ereader and utility suite
  • Ÿ  Compatible with more than 800 cartridges and downloadable apps
  • Ÿ  Durable rubberized frame
  • Ÿ  USB cable included
  • Ÿ  1-year manufacturer warranty

This tablet is made for kids and designed to be extremely easy to use. While it may not have the complicated features of more advanced tablets like the Kindle Fire HDX or the Apple iPad Mini, it’s custom purpose makes it one of the premiere options when choosing a tablet for any child. Find out more info and read user reviews about LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Review

Why the LeapPad 2 Power is great for kids

What makes this such a great device for children is the simple fact that it is designed just for their use. With tons of games, learning resources, music, ebooks and other apps, this is a toy that will provide children with hours upon hours of entertainment and learning. They will also enjoy being able to take and edit their own photos and make videos. Another great resource is LeapFrog learning path that the tablet can connect to. This will help the parent to track their child’s progress and achievements as they use the device.

If you are looking to provide your children with a tablet that is just right for them, the LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Power learning tablet is a great purchase. It will entertain the child while helping them learn and providing them with a device that is very much like an adult’s tablet. Out of the box this device is ready to go and with optional apps and cartridges, this tablet becomes even more versatile.

LeapFrog LeapPad2 Power Learning Review